mardi 7 juin 2011

The bitch inside me

Like all of us i have two sides the good "white" side and the evil "black" side , the problem is that not all of us are in harmony with this nature of us or even  accept there darck sides

 In my case accepting my darck side it's not the problem cos i love it so much , i love being evil and to try my best to be artistic in hurting people , maybe cos i was hurt many times in my life so i wanna get even and try to restore balance by hurting others .

So i found a way to hide this side of me and i learned to be a nice person , and i did it . i learned forgiveness wich is a hard thing to do cos it's easier to blame others for everything , for all the problems we have , for all our failures . 

In a way my life was easier like that , and god how much i enjoyed beying the bitch , the one who hurt anyone with or without a reason and the best thing that i can get away of problems with some sweet words , smile and the puppy face . 

Anyway when i decided to let go all that hate inside me and forgive all those who hurted me , i decided to never go back to that person i was  to that freaky bitch cos i know what i can do to people , untill last weak when with a simple phone call someone has succeded to bring back that bitch  with all her madness , hate and specially all her evil . 

Now im finding my self thinking of the different ways i can turn that person's life into hell , and i can make him suffer , and hate the day that he ever saw me or spoke to me , the problem is not in hurting him cos that would be so fun and im gonna fucking enjoy it , cos just by thinking about all the stuff im gonna do to him i have a big  smile . The problem here is im gonna stay that bitch or not , in a way i love her cos she really know how to enjoy her self without caring about others , or will i ever be that sweet girl for another time !!!

2 commentaires:

  1. eeeeeeeeevil ka3boura! step by step madame. as i told you "la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid". fuck! am speaking english lol beeeeeeeeurk :p

  2. interesting article, but i prefer being sweet to be a bitch having fun without caring about others, do not forget, life can be modeled by a wheel ;)