mardi 21 octobre 2014

The true love kiss

lately i've been watching a TV serie called Once Upon a time , i don't know if you know it , if you don't know ou should watch it .
the serie it a fairy tale drama in a town called storybrook , the residents of this city are various fairy tale carecteres that we all know like Snow white , prince charming , Cinderella , the evil queen and many many others , well i don't want to talk much about it cos i don't wanna spoil it for you . the most important thing that i noticed in this serie is love , yes love not the good that wins over the evil and blablabla no , it's love .
well in this drama wich is based on magic among other things . they say that the most powerfull magic is the one based on true love , and the only thing that can vanquish any curse or spell or dark magic is the true love kiss .
so i started thinking about me my life or my so called love life and i thought if i was under a curse and i needed that true love kiss i'll be under that freaking curse for eternity which felt so lonely and sad .
i know that i talk much about love wich can be a little bit annoying to some peoples , but i just wanna feel that im not the only one in this planet that feel this sadness , emptiness and especially loneliness .

like it or not love our biggest probleme , not just romantic love but all kinds of this stuped incureable disease !! and that's my probleme today a freaking heart break : the romantic kind , the kind that don't let you eat sleep or enjoy anything . in once upon a time thet have potions et spells to help with this things , in that series it juste as simple as calling out Rumple stilt skin AKA the dark one that can heal you with magic , but here we dont have magic , and we don't even have true love , we only have heart break and sadness , and that makes me wonder where that love went ? what happened in life so that we transform to this selfish robots that can feel anything ?
if you know what happened to us tell me :)