jeudi 21 juillet 2011

what's happiness

Im trying to find what's happiness  if it exist in the first place . Between the tears , the problems the lies the anger and the sadness , i started looking for that thing wich would make me smile , maybe i passed by happiness and i didn't saw it , maybe i should be happy and im stuped enough to not notice that !! so i started asking around what's happiness ? i had different answears , some link happiness to helth , money , love , family , other associate happiness to there state of mind .

So if there is no logical explination to this feeling called happiness what is it ?? Philosephers ans religious thinkers often define happiness in term of living a good life or flourishing rather than simply as an emotion .

Others says that happiness depend of how much money they have and how many things they own , wich is not that correct , of course money can make life easier and more comfortable but certenly not happier , of course it's more intresting to drive a porsh than a polo but if you are alone that amasing car will mean nothing .

So do this means that happiness depend of love?? yes it could be cause love is the cause of many problems , and im not talking about the romantic love , im talking about love in general . How many child was unhappy cos he fels hates and rejected at school or at his family ? or how many person was feeling sad just cause the feel that there friends don't love them anymore , and when it comes to the romantic love we are all weak , no one can spend his life alone without that someone he could share his great moment and his bad moments .

Succes , self estime , family , friends can also be part of the equasion of happiness , wish is make me think that hapiness do exist but we can't be happy all the time otherwise it will loose it's magic , we shouldn't spend our lives chasing it , cos in that case we wont find it .

happiness is not the end of the road but it's one of differents states of mind that we experience when we are taking that road , it's only when we stop our obsession about happiness and let it go , we can find our happy moment :) coz even when life sucks and nothing go as we want we can still find a way to smile and go ahead cos being happy it's not about perfection it dosen't mean that every thing is perfect and as we planned , being happy is about deciding to look beyong all the imperfections , and embracing and accepting our lives :)