dimanche 29 mai 2011


If there is any song that remind me of Tunisia this day it would be "man in the mirror" cos this days every one is asking others to change , to be better but no one is asking his self to change .
So i hope that this song would inspire a few of us to change , to start by improving our selves before than we can ask others to be better .

No one can ask someone else to do we he him self is not doing that thing .
We need to start by respecting others , by respecting the rules the law and other people . We need to learn to listen to others to accept them even if the are different and we dont understand what they are doing and why .
And what it says in the song's lyrics "If you want to make the world a better place take a loook at your self and make a change ".

I don't think that someone to don't even respect the lights when he's driving or respect others or even try to understand others point of view  can ask others to be better and to respect him , cos respect it's not a gift but we need to earn it .

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