dimanche 1 février 2015

Let's Talk about SEX !!

yes you heard me righ , yes i've said sex, that big taboo word ! whichs really funny cos it's only 3 letter word but it's a word that scares the shit out of any tunisian and i don't know why , concidering the majority of out problems are related to this subjet .
we have the couples that cheat on each other because they are not happy or satisfied with their partners which is sad , cause the solution is very simple " JUST TALK ABOUT IT AND COMMUNICATE " , it will more satisfying for you to solve your marriage ou couple problems than looking for someone juste to satisfy your physical needs ladys and gentelmen .
also talk about SEX with your children , first to protect them in case of a predator sick person try to take advantage of them and we are hearing about this type of rapes and pedofilia every fucking single day , which is not acceptable in any case or situation , learn to talk to your children about the big scary taboo subjet talk to them about there genetalias , about their bodies , first to inform them ans second et especially to protect them .
teach your girls to love there bodies to accept there needs , and that what they might feel is not a weared alien thing but it's perfectly human  , talk to them so they discover there bodies in a safe place not with a jeark that will take advantage of them , is not that diffucult by the way for a guy to play with a mind of young teanage girl in love , she's a ver easy target .
teach your boys that sex is not a game , teach them to respect it , to respect the female body , teach them that they value of feelings , that a woman is not just a vegina !! if you teach espacially your boys to te repect the other sex ,we will have much less rapists that's for sur .
cause according to a research men think about sex 7,200 times a day !! well that's a very big number gentelmen ( link for the research http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/06/how-often-men-think-about-sex/373230/)  no wonder they are so many rapes !! the point is don't be afraid to talk about sex , about human bodys and it's needs , even the a huge number of the crazy terrorists that commit suicide bombing and other crazy acts do it for the sex , to have god know how many virgin or beautifull girl ,i really don't think that some of these stuped boys will think like that if they are OK with there sexuality or with the female body!
So let's talk sex lets break that barrier that make  this society  so sexophobic !! because a simple 3 letter word can not controle us or frustrate us